Estes Park, Colorado


Photos from our first maiden voyage with the newly painted Shasta! Seriously the night before Doug and I were adding butyl tape to the drip caps. The tip for doing this because it is very similar to a roll of chewing gum is to apply the tape to the back of the drip cap INSIDE your home or cooled garage. It is strrrreeeetchhhy and gooey, but very simple to do. We purchased new stainless screws and in about an hours time, we were ready to roll.

I encountered a walking trail sign at Sprague Lake that pretty much summed up my weeklong adventure on this lovely mountain. I thought it would be selfish not to share this with the entire world, so here you go. Compliments of Rocky Mountain National Park.

“Wilderness” The trail ahead leads into wilderness. It is a place where wild plants and animals live out their daily lives and where natural processes prevail. It is an area for people to be spiritually refreshed and physically challenged. It is an area to enjoy. From our visits we gain rich experiences and memories, but in return we must remember to give this area another day of unspoiled wilderness.

“…in Wilderness is preservation of the World.” Henry David Thoreau

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