“Time began in a garden”

b0a96127e528eeae5d31a9fe47d03e086e5203449f631b3aa8f21fd631d4ebc8 Photo’s via pinterest

I can’t believe it’s mid June already. I have spent most of my mornings tending to my own garden, before my realtor duties kick in. I have incorporated blue and white into my outdoor spaces, with a gracious nod to one of my favorite designers Mark D. Sikes.

Cupcakz was dropped off to the painter this week. I decided to have a custom mix from my trusted Benjamin Moore paint deck. White dove, and Spectra blue. I will definitely be sharing the before and after pics with you once she is back home. The painter was so enthusiastic he told me that he wouldn’t be able to sleep after I dropped the Shasta off to him. That definitely put a smile on my face.

We have planned our annual camping trip to Estes Park, Colorado and I can hardly wait to spend cool evenings enjoying the soft scent of pine and mountain fresh air. This will be our first trip to Colorado with the Shasta, I’m sure we will turn a few heads. My husband and I laugh, because we sometimes feel like the camper was dropped from outer space when we are typically surrounded by much more modern recreational motor vehicles. I love that we draw a crowd of people, who are curious and willings to have light hearted conversation.

I had the pleasure of working with amazing clients this past month. A retired cardiologist who has a huge generous heart of his own.

Get outside, it’s great exercise. Both mentally and physically.




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